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New Jersey Devils Score 3 Goals, Had All 3 Of Them Disallowed, Fans Immediately Start Launching Every Piece Of Trash In Reach Onto The Ice

The Devils were in the midst of a 13-game heater. Things couldn't possibly be going for New Jersey, so naturally it was only a matter of time before the hockey gods started to even things out a bit. So tonight the Devils had Toronto in town and thought they scored not one, not two, but three goals on the night. 

The issue, however, is that not a single of them were legal. A bunch of good for nothing cheating bastards. Thankfully the officials on scene were there to keep peace and order. Luckily there were stripes on the ice to make sure these scumbags weren't getting away with filling up the back of the net with unlawful goals. But speaking of scumbags, it turns out that Devils fans were none too pleased at the idea that their team needs to score legal goals in order for them to actually count on the scoreboard. So like the well-adjusted contributing members of society which make up the New Jersey Devils fanbase, they started to litter the ice with trash to demonstrate their disappointment. 

What a banner year it's been already for Devils fans this season. First they start chanting to fire their head coach right before Lindy Ruff takes the boys on the best winning streak in franchise history. Now they're throwing so much shit on the ice because their team can't score a legal goal that the Maple Leafs had to head to the locker room in fear for their own safety. This right here is the exact type of nonsensical behavior that can curse a team into oblivion. Maybe Keith Yandle wasn't so crazy when he said this team won't even make the playoffs. Your fans act like this in November, there's no chance they get to have anything to be excited about in April. 

Crazy. All I've ever heard is that the people of Newark are delightful to deal with.