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Yak Basketball: Evolution - A Behind The Scenes Look At Going From An Outdoor Court In LA To An NBA Court In Philly

Yak basketball was born on hot day in Los Angeles on the roof of a building that had a caged basketball court on it. We traveled out there and didn't really have a plan. Just to make some content at a basketball court. We shot around for five minutes and then Big Cat thought it would be funny if we did full court 21. Not only was the product great and great for social clips and show fodder, it paved the way for future events.

Including an audition for Barstool Idol contestants one day at like 7am with TJ reffing. 

That day we saw guys like Jeff Nadu and Chris Klemmer ball their way into jobs.

We made our way to the Wells Fargo Center a couple weeks ago for the halftime show of the Barstool Invitational and it was so much fun and so hard.

Our guy Connor Griffin had the idea to do a behind the scenes 30-for-30 type documentary about the Philly event and did an outstanding job with it. It premiered today. It was outstanding. I cannot stop chuckling. I get a big ol' belly laugh every time I see this image.

Check out the full thing here and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel.