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7 Michigan State Players Charged In Tunnel Incident, Including A Felony

Seven Michigan State football players have now been charged following an incident that occurred at the conclusion of the Spartans' game against Michigan last month. Khary Crump is charged with felonious assault while six others are charged with misdemeanors.

Crump was the person using his helmet as a weapon against a Michigan player that could be seen in the video that showed the whole tunnel.

Obviously not too much to add to this until it all plays out, but I don't think this is some sort of egregious overreaction like I've seen some suggesting. This can't happen. Fortunately, there were no horrible injuries from the incident, but you can't let players go around swinging helmets at opponents because they got their asses kicked on the field.

We'll see what ends up happening, but it looks like this situation won't be going away anytime soon.