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Lesson Learned: Russian Darts Player Starts Throwing Haymakers After Winning Because His Opponent Refused To Shake His Hand

[Source] - Former World Darts Championship qualifier Boris Koltsov was at the centre of incredible scenes following a darts match in his native Russia.

Footage has emerged on social media of Koltsov, who played at the last edition of the Alexandra Palace showpiece, appearing to start a fight with an opponent. Koltsov reportedly won the match in question but that didn’t stop him laying into the opponent, with multiple punches thrown.

The dust-up reportedly occurred after the opponent, a member of the Novgorod team, refused to shake Koltsov’s hand and insulted his team after the match. Darts fans were left shocked by the footage, with one tweeting: “Boris Koltsov woke up and actually chose violence.”

Obligatory to start the blog and get it out of the way: 

Now this is a good lesson for two reasons. 1) Never, ever fuck with a guy named Boris. 2) Don't fuck around with a guy who is good at darts. I enjoy playing darts. I'm not great at it by any means but a fan. That said, I've been in too many dive bars to see some darts action go haywire. That's here in America. Throw in a man named Boris from Russia and you got a real problem on your hands. Or in this case, potentially in your face. 

But the real story here is we need to know what sort of insults were hurled. That's the key. That's where we know the line and if it was crossed. I'm all for shit talking. But I'm also for someone throwing a punch if need be. Sometimes you just need to punch someone in the face or even get punched in the face. A good life lesson. 

All that said, it's still fucking hilarious that darts teams have full on jerseys. I understand the sponsorship portion. But I love the idea of guys sitting around designing button up shirt jerseys. They all look the same, just different colors. Some sort of two tone look or black. That's basically it. Then again we wear jerseys for the Dozen so I'm all for it. 

The other guy will learn though. Shake a hand and get out of the way. Don't ever fuck around with a dude named Boris no matter who you are. Boris is such an intimidating name. A Brent? Brent you can fuck around with. Tanner? Absolutely. But Boris you just gotta shake their hand.