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The Jets Have Not Only Benched Zach Wilson But Will Not Dress Him On Sunday. Mike White To Start.

Well, there it is. 

Zach Wilson has not only been benched by the New York Jets, but he will not dress on Sunday:

I'm not sure there has been a more detrimental game to a QB on and off the field in the past few years than Zach Wilson's performance on Sunday. From looking like the worst QB alive (not being able to complete check-downs) to refusing to take any responsibility for the loss, Zach Wilson's career as a New York Jet fell apart in New England.

Back in July, I made a TikTok on the Zach Wilson banging moms situation. He DMed me at 3am begging me to take it down. I knew at that point he wasn't the "guy" for the Jets. I denied it because of my fandom, but I shouldn't have. Brutal what our fan brains do to us. 

The good news for the Jets is they've built a very good team outside of the QB. The bad news is that has been the situation with this franchise forever. They drafted Ken O'Brien over Dan Marino. Sam Darnold over Josh Allen. Zach Wilson over Justin Fields. This season's success was going to be centered around the development of Zach. Does that mean this season is a failure? Not necessarily, they're still in the playoff hunt heading into Thanksgiving (any Jets fan would've taken this), but it does ruin a bit of what the Jets have been building in 2022.

What to do now? Roll with Mike White and then open the checkbook for Lamar Jackson this spring.