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Everyone Should Now Be Cheering For Mayhem At The World Cup After Japan Pulled Off A Ridiculous Upset Over Germany

Give me all the anarchy. We've reached that point as we're almost through everyone playing their first match. We had Saudi Arabia beat Argentina yesterday. Now we have Japan beating Germany. Not just beating them. Coming back from a 1-0 deficit after giving up a PK, their goalie getting peppered and making a ton of saves: 

So you know what? Fuck it. This is already the weirdest World Cup ever make it weird on the pitch. Everyone talked about Argentina winning the thing. Everyone talked about Germany. People had Denmark as a sleeper. Croatia is the runner-ups from the last tournament. They've combined for 2 points. Germany has real work to do to get out of the group. Argentina at least caught a break with Mexico/Poland getting a draw. 

But the point remains. I want all the upsets. Give me every bit of confidence as we head to Friday: 

I don't necessarily believe that because you shouldn't give a shit about other upsets. But, hey, anything for me to build confidence to get a result vs England. That's really the end goal here. It's similar to the NCAA Tournament. People love to cheer for underdogs right? Well we're off to that start at the World Cup. Obviously a ton can change over the rest of group stage but there's a reason Fox tells us every 30 seconds that 84% of teams who win their first match get out of group stage. 

Like I said, this is the weirdest and dumbest World Cup so go all the way with it. That dream of Argentina vs Brazil? Fuck that. USA vs Costa Rica.