'I Don't Respect His Game. That's Steroid Boy' - 49ers DB Charvarius Ward Unleashed Hell On DeAndre Hopkins After MNF

[Source] - “He was getting locked up,” Ward recalled. “He was doing some dirty things,” Ward said. “He tried to clip me, he grabbed me by the throat. He grabbed my facemask on one play, so I don’t respect his game. That’s steroid boy.”

“D Hop, he thinks he’s a tough guy,” Ward said. “He thinks he still one of the best receivers in the league and he’s really not. He was trying to talk noise and talk hard all game. We’re not scared of him. He thought we were scared of him. He tried to intimidate us, but forget him, we did our thing. We went out there and got a dub and we did our job. He was just yip-yapping all game, but we don’t care about that. We just wanted to win.”

Good God Charvarius Ward. This is how you talk shit. This is a masterclass in getting a win and then just unleashing hell on a star. Now, he's right. DeAndre Hopkins did get suspended for steroids so technically he is steroid boy. Just a hilarious name to call someone. KB might need to switch his nickname to Steroid Boy. But it's more than just that name. Look at that whole quote.

Calls him out for being dirty, which, welcome to a DB vs WR. That's just every defensive back and wide receiver in the history of football. Calls him out for thinking he's a tough guy. Calls hm out for losing. Calls him out for not even being a top receiver anymore. That's where I draw a line. DeAndre Hopkins is still really fucking good. He's just playing with Kyler and Colt McCoy. Not everyone can play with Daniel Jones and have someone like Darius Slayton look awesome. 

I do wish the Cardinals were good because they'd be an awesome rival to the 49ers. Kliff vs Shanahan. Jimmy G vs Kyler. Hopkins vs the defense. It'd be entertaining. Instead the Cardinals are dogshit. It's not Hopkins fault. This is what the Cardinals do (besides winning early this year). They look good, everyone starts to believe and then it all goes to hell.

I need Hopkins to respond. I don't know what he can say but you can't let a defensive back go around and talk all this shit. You sure as hell can't just sit quietly when he calls you Steroid Boy. That's how a nickname sticks. That's how you get known as Steroid Boy. 

PS: DeAndre Hopkins is good. I stand by this.