Betting The Big Gobble With Your Family This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. It's one of the best weekends of sports as well. There's nothing like gathering around the couch with your family and settling in for a day of average meat, really good side dishes, and a slate of NFL games. 

This year, the Barstool Sportsbook has something to help make the holiday even more special. For the small price of $100, you can bet on The Big Gobble, which is the combined over of all 3 Thanksgiving Day NFL Games (144.5 points). If The Big Gobble hits, then not only do you get your money, you gain exclusive membership to The Overs Club. 

What does being a member of The Overs Club get you? This jacket, of course. It has a turkey on it.

Also, if Big Cat sees you wearing it in public he will give you a hug. Unless you don't want one. Big Cat will not force himself on you. Betting The Big Gobble can be fun for the whole family. Just picture this:

You arrive at your Aunt Jane's house on Thursday morning. 

Aunt Jane: Welcome to Thanksgiving!

You: Have you heard about The Big Gobble?

Aunt Jane: No, why don't you tell me about

You: It would be my pleasure. The Big Gobble is a promotional bet on the Barstool Sportsbook. If you bet $100 on the combined over of 144.5 points for all 3 Thanksgiving NFL games, not only do you get your money, but you win an exclusive membership to The Overs Club

Aunt Jane: Neat! What does The Overs Club get you?

You: This jacket (shows Aunt Jane picture of jacket), and a public hug from Big Cat

Aunt Jane: What if I don't want a hug from Big Cat

You: That's fine, he won't force himself on you.

Aunt Jane: Ok great. How can I get involved in this?

You: Simply download the Barstool Sportsbook app on your smart phone, create an account, then opt-in and bet on The Big Gobble

Aunt Jane: Are there any other benefits I get as a first time user?

You: It depends on what state we're in

Aunt Jane: That makes sense 

You: Ok go ahead and download it

(Aunt Jane downloads the Barstool Sportsbook on her phone)

Aunt Jane: Ok done. That was easy and seamless. Where do I place the bet?

You: Hand me your phone

(Aunt Janes hands you her phone)

You: Your username is BigJugsJane_?

Aunt Jane: Yes

You: Hell yeah. Ok I placed a $100 bet on The Big Gobble. Now we can cheer together during the games

Aunt Jane: How fun! Where is the rest of your family?

You: They're not coming

Aunt Jane: Ok 

You: The Lions game is about to start, what time are we eating dinner?

Aunt Jane: Whenever we'd like. I'm just going to order a bunch of KFC.

You: That rules

Aunt Jane: I know right

You and Aunt Jane spend 11 hours on the couch together rooting for points and enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving meal of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Thanks to the Big Gobble, she doesn't once ask you about your career. At no point did you have to explain to her how you've been moonlighting at Build-a-Bear Workshop to make ends meet. At no point did she give you an update on your cousin's CBD Dog Treats business out in Colorado. The rest of your family will be so jealous when you and Aunt Jane show up to next year's Thanksgiving in your matching Over's Club jackets, assuming you've patched things up with your mother by then.