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LA Fans Are Ruthless Part 876,041: A Chargers Fan Was Thrown Off A Bridge After Sunday Night's Chiefs-Chargers Game

Another day, another group of LA sports fans looking to turn off the lights in someone else's eyes because they crossed path at them at a stadium where a bunch of strangers played another group of strangers in a game! That's always a very logical reason to catch an attempted murder charge. 

For all the talk Philly, New York, and all the other Northeast cities that have a reason to be angry half of the year due to shitty weather, I think it's fair to say that the good people of Los Angeles have us topped just over the last year alone despite living in beautiful weather and having a team in all four major sports win a title over the last decade.

Throwing four letter words and haymakers is one thing. But throwing someone over a fucking bridge is some true psycho shit. Like I can't even come up with a fair scenario to throw a guy off a bridge unless he's a troll making the Three Billy Goats Gruff lives absolute hell. Maybe that's why they call it the City of Angels. One minute you are watching the old ballgame, the next you are a ghost in heaven looking to play catch with Shoeless Joe Jackson.

I'd like to credit this gaggle of fans for at least being a little creative by giving us serious Royal Rumble vibes. However this isn't even the first fight at SoFi I've blogged that was a Royal Rumble!

I know you can make a case that people get a little crazy when the hype of a sports game meets whatever substances flowing through the bodies of the fans there. However Dante JUST blogged about the goons that beat up an elderly couple at the always rowdy Elton John concert mere days ago.

If you want to kick someone's ass after hearing the sweet melody of "Daniel" in person, you should be thrown off a bridge. 

Shit, apparently I'm starting to think like someone from Los Angeles. At least I have the excuse of Seasonal Depression starting to kick in right after I spent the last month cleaning leaves off of my yard. I can't think of any reason for people from LA to be mad other than the traffic, which to be fair I've seen in person can be absolute hell, which isn't even the word for what takes place there during Thanksgiving weekend.

Everyone travel safely this weekend and best of luck to anybody with the balls to attend an event in the Greater Los Angeles area!