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Just When You Think Life Can’t Get Any Worse For Jets Fans, Ryan Leaf Murdered One Of Their Own In Cold Blood (Figuratively Speaking Of Course)

Man, it seems like just yesterday the Jets were walking into the Meadowlands prematurely ejaculating over a beat down of big brother New England.

But alas, that victory never came. Because the big bad boogeyman still owns the J-E-T-S and Bill Belichick broke Zach Wilson once and for all, welcoming him to throw half a dozen of the worst interceptions you’ve ever seen.

Fast forward to this past weekend and the Jets came into Foxboro and put on one of the most dismal displays of “offense” we’ve witnessed since the advent of the forward pass. 

Now the team is in a death spiral. The locker room is in disarray, and it seems the only remedy may be for Zach Wilson’s mom to let the defense run the train on her to get them back in his good graces.

All that leads to this beautiful exchange that occurred this afternoon on Twitter.

Love or hate Elon, this is exactly why we can’t let Twitter disappear. 

What did we do before average joes and burn-out athletes were able to exchange pleasantries like this for all the world to see?

Gotta love the internet.

Pray for Jets fans.