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Nothing Makes Me Angrier Than Plane Seat Recliners

Good afternoon. I am currently writing this blog while sitting on an airplane with my laptop on the tray table. I have very limited space to operate because the asshole in front of me decided to do a full seat recline into my lap the second we got into the air. I can genuinely say that nothing makes me angrier than someone doing that. I don't know what it is, but the hate and anger that runs through my veins when that happens is indescribable. One day I really think I am going to snap and just full force push the seat forward. (Usually I just dig in a little bit with my knees to hopefully produce some mild discomfort). 

Now before I go any further, let me just say that I understand the other side of this argument. "Everyone can just recline.That's why they make the seats that way." Blah blah blah. I get it. I know that I'm not necessarily in the majority with this opinion. We can all pretty much unanimously agree to hate the people who crowd the aisle once the plane lands. But seat recliners are more of a controversial issue. See below. 

But I have a few counterpoints. First of all, if everyone on the plane reclines that just screws the people in the last row who don't have that option. Think about your fellow people! Also, I always feel like a dick whenever I recline in case the person behind me feels the same way I do. Sometimes it makes me want to turn around and say "Hey sorry about this. But the person in front of me did a full recline so I had no choice." And honestly, I don't even think the "everyone reclining" position is more comfortable than everyone upright. The person in front of you fully reclining can push your TV screen into a hard to see position. It can make your tray table harder to use. And it can cut into your leg room and just general room to operate. I truly prefer the position of no reclines for everyone. And honestly I can deal with a shy, slight recline. But when the person in front of me just fully launches back the second we're in the air, I want to reach around and punch them in the throat. 

If I ever become the head of an airline company (which is looking highly unlikely at this point), I'll make non-reclining seats. But until then, I'll just stick to huffing, puffing, rolling my eyes and sending out tweets about it.