This Amateur UFOlogist Who Took Video of Something Over the Skies of Orlando is My UFO Crush

Everyone, meet Chivonne SayWhat. UFO enthusiast. Minimimalist documentarian. Investigative journalist. Stunning, brave, willing to speak truth to power. Chivonne, meet everyone. 

I'm a happily married man of a lot of years. To a loving woman I'm lucky to have. But even I have to admit there's a hole in my heart for someone who shares my passion for the UFO phenomenon. Think Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters, when he leaves Teri Garr to run off and chase UAPs with Ralphie Parker's mom, Melinda Dillon. Sometimes you just need that person in your life. 

And when the aliens finally do land and announce their presence to our species, I want Chivonne to be the one to break the story. Anyone who can spot what she believes is a massive craft sitting low in the sky over a major American city and one of our greatest tourist attractions and begin with, "I'm not tripping! That's a fucking UFO. Out here. In the middle of the damn sky. Everybody is riding around like they don't see this shit!" can represent humankind on this as far as I'm concerned. If we're going to have someone doing the movie trope of the scientist who keeps trying to warn the public, but NO ONE WOULD LISTEN, I'd prefer her running point than just some cliche' in a lab coat. 

I mean, every point she makes is just gold. It warms the heart of those of us who have been wanting the truth on this for as long as we can remember. That loud boom at 5am that could be heard from Jacksonville all the way to Orlando. The spaceship they say orbited for 909 days that nobody knows about because it secretly landed at the Kennedy Space Center. Granted, she didn't elaborate on who "they" are. But a good reporter protects her sources. 

Then there's own testimony of the "loud ass boom" she heard at her complex, that sounded just like a spaceship taking off from the roof of her building.  And how Disney tried to explain it away with, "Hey girl,"  it was just some military planes or whatever, but there were none were to be found anywhere. Not to mention the fireworks Disney sets off every night, but lately they can only be heard and not seen. Which sounds so typical of the kinds of coverups we get from government agencies and major entertainment corporations. You might question the footage Chivonne is providing. (And a lot of people seem to be arguing that it's just city lights reflecting on the clouds.) But experiencers such as her deserve to have their eyewitness accounts heard if we're ever going to get to the truth of these incidents.

So you keep at it, Chivonne. Don't let the fact no one else in that major metropolitan seems to notice. You speak your truth to the world about the "Big Ass Sphere" you'd detected. As a matter of fact, "UFO" is already a bit of an outdated term. "UAP" hasn't caught on. I'd be perfectly satisfied if from this day forward, we use "BAS" as shorthand for this whole phenomenon. And I will be proud to support your efforts as leader of this field of study. 

When the beings in these crafts ask to be taken to our leader, I know who I'll nominate. The truth is out there. Chivonne SayWhat found it.