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Having The Singers Of The "O'Reilly Auto Parts" Jingle Sing At Your Wedding Is Quite The Move

I hate being the one to rain on a couple's parade, on their wedding day (isn't it ironic?), but this is going too far, and trying way too hard. 

The obsession with trying to go viral with absolutely everything nowadays is out of control. From announcing if your baby is going to have a penis or not, to rehearsed wedding dances, to booking the jingle singers of songs we can't get out of our heads too apparently. Where does it end? 

It's one thing if this song holds some sentimental part of the couple's relationship. Maybe they made love for the first time in the backseat of the car in an empty O'Reilly Auto Parts parking lot? Maybe it was the employee bathroom? If that's the case then I take this all back and this is a fucking awesome move by the bride and/or groom to honor the memory. 

But chances are this is just an attempt to get posted all over social media, in which case, congratulations, we all took the bait. Now you can look back on your wedding in 20 years and explain to your kids why you had 3 random church singers serenade your families with a commercial at your wedding.

p.s. - were the Giant Glass guys booked?

p.p.s. - best commercial