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Rico Recommendations : A Scent Of A Woman

Listen ...there's wall to wall sports on this time of year, but I'm sure there's some people out there who like to watch sports but also don't mind popping on a movie. Maybe your mom or aunt is a real hard ass and says no football on TV around the holidays. Or "we've been watching this all day let's put on something we all can watch." I have a movie for you. 

Let me also preface this by saying there are absolutely no Thanksgiving movies at all. And this movie isn't really about Thanksgiving it just takes place during Thanksgiving weekend. It's kind of odd but also makes sense. Movies with holidays like Christmas are such a staple. Halloween hits the horror category, but in terms of the fall calendar, Thanksgiving gets overlooked. There's literally no movies about Thanksgiving except this one (that I know of). 

Anyway here's my pitch for this film. 

A kid out of his league in a prep school filled with kids who have been handed everything their whole life gets mixed up in a scenario where he has to rat out his friends. He takes a job in the town where he has to take care of a former military officer who teaches him a variety of lessons along the way. It's a feel good movie about a kid down on his luck, who meets a man down on his luck and the bond they form to motivate each other. 

If that wasn't enough to sell you , Al Pacino delivers an all time monologue as I have blogged about before, which may be better than his monologue in Any Given Sunday. 

Spoiler ahead ...

This 4 stars for me , and a movie I think you should watch if you haven't seen it. Pacino may deliver his best performance. 

Strong strong recommendation.