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Justin Fields Reportedly Apologized To The Defense After The Falcons Game Where He Played With A Dislocated Shoulder

So this is what it feels like to have a real QB. What a feeling! The guy who did everything within his power and played through both hamstring and serious shoulder injuries gets up in front of the team after the training staff had to assist him just so he could take his pads off and apologizes to the defense. Absolutely incredible. That is leadership. That is how you build a culture in a locker room. That's how you know you have the right guy. 

That is honestly the best feeling. The Bears need help at many positions, but not the most important one. Not naming any names, but certain organizations have been like the Bears historically where they've been looking for the right guy for 50 years and they are still looking. Those organizations who shall remain nameless might tell jokes about how a QB is running around fucking former teammate's mothers, but were surprised when that same hypothetical QB has no accountability in the locker room. 

We are in a good spot with Fields. Keep him healthy, keep putting weapons and protection around him, and let's have this organization finally take off.