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Paddy The Baddy And MJF Are Going At It! Bah Gawd!


It all started when Paddy saw that above clip of the NEW AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF on Pardon My Take, essentially saying that professional wrestling is tougher/more dangerous than mixed martial arts. 

Paddy didn't love that, and commented, "Take ur face for a [shit emoji] u absolute [clown emoji]", provoking this back-and-forth....


I'll say this about the whole thing: MJF is a master of being that larger-than-life heel in the modern age of professional wrestling. He blurs the lines of reality more than anyone and truly makes you believe what he's saying at all times, because it always sounds like HE believes what he's saying. And I do think there's probably a part of MJF that believes being on the road for 300 days a year, taking ridiculous bumps in city after city is tougher than actually fighting a couple times a year. I just think there's a much BIGGER part of him that realizes what he's doing, and that he knows he's firing up all of the MMA fighters out there who don't fully understand a work/shoot to get his name paired in headlines with them all over the internet.

One of the few wrestlers that MJF praises constantly is Roman Reigns, and he took a stand against MMA fighters (particularly Conor McGregor) few years ago that had Wrestling Twitter on fire for a few days....

….and I think MJF's just producing more of the same tension/heat here, which organically unfolded with Paddy in the Barstool IG comments.

When MJF gets to those comments, though, and he's asking Paddy to set up a real fight between them - there's zero part of MJF that believes what he's saying. That's a work. I want to yell "He's trolling, Paddy, don't fall for it!" and shake some sense into our guy! Don't feed him Paddy!!

I mean - here's Paddy the Baddy subbing 10 marines in a row….

There's no conversation between who wins in a fight: a mixed martial artist and a non-fighter. We all know this! 


I saw Eddie Alvarez and Billy Quarantillo were also among those in the comments, facepalm emoji-ing and going back at MJF, but I don't think MJF went back at them. 

Only our Baddy. Only at Barstool.