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Rico's Recommendations: The Netflix Documentary About A Kid That Tried To Get A Fighter Jet From Pepsi Back In The 90s Is A Wild Story Packed With Nostalgia

Netflix has a lot of stuff I often ask "Who would watch that?" but they also have a great ability to put something on their front page that somehow you immediately see and want to watch. "Hey Pepsi, Where's My Jet" is one of those things that I immediately clicked on. It's right in my wheelhouse: 1990's, scandal, interesting, and the key factor for me with documentaries - know a little bit about it, but don't know the whole story. 

What I mean by that is I remember seeing the Pepsi commercials growing up, but didn't know there was a big scandal involving them. 

Without giving anything away, the quick synopsis is this. A 20 year old kid finds a flaw in Pepsi's ad involving a military jet and will stop at nothing to get it. The most interesting part to me was how through a series of events gets hooked up with of all people ... 

Michael Avenatti . 

Yes that Michael Avenatti. 

When Avenatti shows up the documentary really hits a second gear. He's a captivating personality. 

All in all, the documentary is 4 parts but moves super fast. It involves a good amount of characters throughout. It has an underdog central character you can root for in the 20 year old kid, and a great villian in the big corporation. 

I give it a solid 3 out 4 stars, and strongly recommend checking out this documentary. Please get at me with any documentaries you will be watching . I am always fascinated by the wild stories.