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Putting An Entire Thanksgiving Dinner Into A Sausage Is So Crazy That It Might Just Be The Most Delicious Thing Ever Created

As the years have gone by, the "Thanksgiving sandwich" has become more and more commonplace. Some people call it the Gobbler, some people call it the Leftover sandwich, some people don't even have enough time to call it anything because they annihilate it so quickly. But you take your turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and whatever else you want to stuff in between a bun and eat your entire Thanksgiving plate on a sandwich. 

I've always found that Thanksgiving food, while all perfectly fine on their own, end up being much better when you just throw them all together into one single bite. A bite of turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole (controversial, I know), stuffing, and cranberry sauce all together? A truly sensational blend of flavors and textures. 

But the Thanksgiving sandwich can be a messy endeavor. It's also difficult to get the ratios right so you have the perfect bite every time. So why not just grind everything up and stuff it into a sausage casing?

Turkey, confit garlic and celery, brown butter, cornbread stuffing, cranberries and sweet potatoes. Your entire Thanksgiving plate stuffed into a sausage and smoked the perfection. Daddy likey. 

Anyway, it might be a little too late for you to add a Thanksgiving sausage to your menu for Thursday. But I think we need to start a movement for this to become a tradition in every household moving forward. Thing looks immaculate. 

Sidenote: We're 2 days away from the best cooking day of the year. Just a few reminders to help you throughout the day. If you're looking to get the crispiest skin in your turkey, you need to make sure it's as dry as possible before throwing it into the oven or smoker or however you're doing your turkey. 

The best way is to dry brine the turkey a few days ahead of time, but the less moisture on the skin before cooking the better. And if you're going for the crispy skin by frying your turkey this year, please for the love of god make sure that thing is completely thawed before dunking it in the oil. As much as videos of people completely blowing up their turkey in a fireball becomes content for blogging, I'd rather none of you have to deal with calling the fire department because you put a frozen bird into 400° oil.