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This Saudi Fan Ripping His Door Off His House After The Go-Ahead Goal Against Argentina Is How You Properly Celebrate A Huge World Cup Moment

So I saw Reags' blog about these Saudi dorks leaving the biggest game in their country's history like they were leaving a library and was annoyed. The Sports Gods only give so many people super duper special moments like the Saudis got today over Argentina and its up to every fan to respect being blessed with that moment by losing their fucking mind. I'm still getting my voice back from screaming after the Giants beat the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl XLII (sorry for the lack of trigger warning Pats fans).

Which I was all out on Saudi fans after reading Reags' blog until I saw this maniac lose his mind and his door.

Now THAT is how you soccer hooligan! Every square inch of your house should be on red alert during the biggest tournament in the world, win lose or (VOMIT) draw. If you don't go bananas during one of the biggest upsets ever, what's the point of being a sports fan where you constantly get kicked in the dick?

The best part of this is there was a decent chance that Argentina would at least tie the game up if not take the lead with 47 minutes left and that guy would've had to sadly reattach that door onto his house through soggy sorrows. But anything that happens during the heat of the battle is fair game and now that door will forever remind him of what I imagine is the greatest day of his life as a Saudi soccer fan.

Meanwhile this guy would've definitely fit in perfectly with the guys Reags wrote about. Calm as a cucumber if not maybe a bit sad because he had a responsible amount of money on Argentina on the Barstool Sportsbook.

P.S. I loooooove that setup where you can sit on the floor where you want to. As relaxed as it gets. I'm gonna work on getting the Casa de Clem setup for a room like that by 2026. But in the meantime, watching the games while soaking in the new inflatable hot tub will have to do.