Netherlands Coach Is Smooth As Shit, Tells His Wife On Camera 'You Can Come To The Hotel. Just My Room. To Get Laid.'

That right there is a man who knows how to pull chicks (broads even). He doesn't have to tweet it out. He doesn't need to live in a fantasy land. Oh no, Louis van Gaal is going to fuck his wife in his hotel room. I love this guy, he always delivers quotes and this is just another example of that. The man is spitting game on his own wife in a country where I'm pretty sure it's illegal to do that. Just cut right to the point. Hey babe, get over to room 142 and be ready to get fucked. The man wants to celebrate a 2-0 win to start the World Cup, I don't blame him. 

Hard to blame him too. Look at his wife! That's a rocket. A missile launcher! A smoke! A potato sack girl! (I think I got them all) 

Those glasses with the thing dangling there screams 'I'm a librarian, but a sexy one.' Good chance she shows up wearing nothing but those bad boys at Louis van Gaal's hotel room. I do think she needs to help van Gaal out here though. While you're actually allowed to have sex with your wife in Qatar, you can't jerk off. There's no porn. It's basically an Alex Bennett dream world. 

Maybe Mrs. van Gaal has the same rules. Everyone knows you jerk off the moment you're alone in a hotel room. There's no denying that. But it's Qatar. You gotta adjust. You gotta try to spit game to your wife and convince her to come back to the hotel for some sex. It's called spicing up a marriage. 

Louis van Gaal. Electric. Back to his days at Barcelona, Ajax and Man U to now. 

71 years old and still slinging it.