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Saudi Arabia Dorks Deliver The Lamest Celebration After Pulling Off One Of The Biggest Upsets In World Cup History

What a bunch of fucking dorks. I can't even call them losers because, well, their team pulled off one of the biggest upsets we've seen at a World Cup: 

And who cares if Argentina had 3 goals called off because of offsides? They are currently are 0 points. Saudi Arabia has 3, that's ultimately what matters. But these nerds having no idea how to celebrate is the most on-brand thing I've seen. They can't even hit the Sui correct. 

Giphy Images.

I gotta admit this is what I expect from Qatar and why I miss a real, normal World Cup. I might bring back World Cup Fan of the Day and just post pictures of a smoke from a country because they aren't allowed to show shoulders in Qatar. I miss shots of drunk ass people in the stands. I miss seeing the smokes going crazy. 

Okay, that was a bit of a rant. As for the match itself? Well, this group just got very interesting. Mexico/Poland still play later today but now Argentina is going to have to run the table to likely get out. You can't lose to Saudi Arabia. You can't score in the 10th minute and not score again. Just stay onsides once. Brutal break for this streak to end: 

My point stands though. These Saudi Arabia dudes are fucking dorks.