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Bruins Icon Patrice Bergeron Scores His 1000th NHL Point

Lightning fans, I know your team is getting waxxed but show a little sense of history lol.

Man, what a ride and a treat and and honor it's been having this guy for the last two decades. In what has been an epic start to the Bruins season, this has certainly been the high point---Patrice Bergeron notching his 1000th NHL point with an assist on, who else?, Brad Marchand's goal. Seeing the rest of boys come bombing off the bench for a pig-pile in the corner was, in a word, just fucking awesome. 

This region has been blessed with Patrice Bergeron for 19 seasons now. And while the shy, gifted 18-year-old Irish and French kid was certainly appreciated from the get-go, it was was what happened early in his fourth season that has made Bruins fandom never take him for granted since. 

I was in the barn a little over fifteen years ago when a more reckless-than-malicious check left the budding star in a motionless heap as a shaken, silent crowd privately feared the worst. I'd never heard the building that quiet before or since and it was rather horrific. It was Bergy's first and worst concussion and the comeback was hellish. 

But Bs fans and the rest of the hockey world watched him battle back from not just that knock but a few others that would follow, simultaneously praying he avoids another while marveling at his essentially perfect play as the NHL's premiere defensive center. In that time, he's built a Hockey Hall of Fame resume with the same grace, class, and humility that echoes the great Jean Ratelle. And Bruins fans have cherished having him and the fact he loves being a Boston Bruin.

So seeing Bergy pot his 1000th NHL point in Tampa last night carried some extra sentimentality for Bruins fans and fans of the team's heart, soul, compass, and beacon. For more than a few fleeting moments a decade-and-a-half ago, we didn't know if we were ever gonna see the kid play again. And now he joins further Bruins royalty, placing himself among these three.

Shoutout to these guys for the class shown to probably most respected player in the NHL today. A bunch of his fellow future HHOFers welcoming him to the club.

And this video of more testimonials is hot of the press. Fuck yeah, Claude. 

This picture is fantastic. Just guys being dudes.

Meanwhile in the game, the Bs rolled the Lightning 5-3 for their seventh straight win and remain atop with NHL with a ridiculous 17-2 record. Monty's an early Jack Adams fave. Ullmark has been outstanding. The depth is among the league's best. A #1 D on each of the first two pairs. A chance to set an NHL record Friday afternoon vs. a former regional rival. It's still very early but who wouldn't prefer this?

Oh and the Coke Bear Winter Classic jerseys got leaked and while I'm not much of a jersey wearer, I think I need one. 

Coke Bear is to Rolling Stones as Pooh Beah is to The Beatles.

The boys go for eight straight tomorrow in Sunrise vs. the Panthers. 

Bergy forever.