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All Hell Has Broken Loose with Lane Kiffin to Auburn Rumors

All hell has broken loose with the Lane Kiffin to Auburn speculation tonight, 

It has been building for the last couple weeks and some “sources” are reporting it is a done deal. 

Auburn fans are losing their minds on Twitter celebrating the hire already. 

To everyone’s shock, Brandon Walker is pouring gas onto the fire. 

Not so fast.

My two cents on the rumors…

No one knows anything. This time of year it is impossible to actually know what’s going on in coaching world with all the bluffing & posturing from agents. 

Literally nobody had a clue about Brian Kelly to LSU last year either for example. 

I cannot blame Brandon for pushing the narrative. I would be pushing every edge too to cause chaos Egg Bowl week if I were a Mississippi State fan with how much Lane has owned Mike Leach & the great state of Mississippi the last three years. 

I may be naive but I firmly believe there is no Lane to Auburn deal or offer in place yet. 

Obviously I do not expect Lane to stay in Oxford forever. This is the price you gotta pay if you want to rock n’ roll with the big boys in college football & are successful at Ole Miss. 

Will Lane stay or go? Only time will tell but I concede nothing as of Monday night. People are jumping the gun WAY too early. 

Time to go get that Golden Egg for the 3rd year in a row! 


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