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It's A Crime Against Humanity That Bill Walton Doesn't Announce The Maui Invitational Anymore

Yesterday was a good reminder about the national travesty happening in Hawaii. The fact that ESPN took away Bill Walton from going to Maui and calling the Maui Invitational. Look, I like tradition. One of the traditions is Bill Walton high as shit ranting with Dave Pasch in Maui. There's nothing like it. If I'm to 2am watching Cincinnati/Arizona I don't want to listen about whatever Daymeon Fishback had for dinner or whatever lame jokes those guys come up with. I want Walton ranting and making animal sounds. 

Do some things get overplayed and become forced and contrived? Absolutely. But letting Walton cook with Pasch is not one of those things. It lets America know that we're in Feast Week and they are in Maui. It's even more true now with the Maui Invitational changing around its schedule and putting the title game at 5 tomorrow. That means we would have Bill Walton late night Monday, early Tuesday and late night Wednesday. That's the ideal world. 

Look what they took from us: 

They took away our fun. They took away Bill Walton's pinnacle. Just hanging out with a pal, wearing sunglasses indoors, rocked to the high heavens and sometimes talking basketball. Give us back the true Maui Invitational. Give us the soft rims, the overs and Bill Walton. Thanksgiving simply won't be the same without it.