REPORT: Lane Kiffin Plans To Leave Ole Miss For Auburn

It looks like the Lane Train could soon be on the move. Jon Sokoloff of WCBI in Columbus, Mississippi — who broke the news of Auburn's athletic director hire last month — says while Auburn has not officially offered Kiffin the job, he will be leaving Ole Miss after the Egg Bowl on Thursday and head for The Plains.

Obviously nothing is official yet and probably won't be for several days, but this was always the way-too-obvious choice for Auburn, so it seems like a matter of when rather than if this comes to fruition. Lane, though, is just enjoying some light reading on this Monday night:

If I was an Ole Miss fan, this would drive me up a fucking wall. One of the best coaches you've ever had is about to ditch you for a division rival and he's trolling on Twitter. I guess it was all fun and games until it was happening to you. If Lane was on Twitter during his one season and midnight exit at Tennessee, it would have been absolutely unbelievable content.

So we'll see what transpires the rest of this week, but it seems likely Ole Miss will soon be the SEC West team in search of a new head coach.

UPDATE: Lane has tweeted again, kind of denying the report, yet simultaneously refusing to come out and say he's staying at Ole Miss.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Lane has tweeted yet another pseudo denial without saying he’s staying at Ole Miss. He also printed this out and took a picture of it instead of just typing it, which is a nice touch.