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Dapper Jimmy G And Crispy Colt McCoy Pulling Up For MNF In One Of The Funniest Fashion/Facial QB Contrasts You'll Ever See

Robert Griffin III refuses to relax in any context on any TV across the nation and I think I speak for sportscasting fans everywhere when I say we salute you, good sir.

Prior to Monday night's 49ers-Cardinals NFC West showdown in Mexico City, ESPN ran footage of quarterback counterparts Jimmy Garoppolo and Colt McCoy strolling up with their luggage and their pregame outfits. Let's just say there's a reason one of them has earned the nickname "Jimmy GQ".

RGIII said of McCoy's seemingly scorched appearance, "Is that a sunburn or just a bad camera angle?"

Giphy Images.

In stark, stark, stark contrast, look at that pink suit Jimmy is rocking. Debonair as fuck and I mean…the confidence to rock that color is a legitimate vibe. I'm not a fashionista by any means, but I can appreciate an electric fit when I see one. Then again, if I looked like Jimmy Garoppolo, there aren't many things or any situations in life I wouldn't be confident about.

These differences in wardrobe are a true microcosm of the impending prime-time matchup. Jimmy G and San Francisco are 10-point favorites, and the line moved by at least 1.5 points from what I saw once Kyler Murray was declared out. McCoy probably feels a certain type of way about that. He's a classic, steady veteran who just beat the Rams last week to improve to 3-1 as a starter during his time in Arizona, where he's compiled an impressive 100.1 passer rating.

If anyone is equipped to sensitively navigate this possible demoralizing situation for our guy Colt, I don't think it's Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury, who rivals Jimmy G in handsomeness. Then again, maybe Kliff is used to dealing with plebs who aren't as pretty as him and will know exactly what buttons to push to get The Real McCoy to come out and at least help Arizona cover.

Now I await with eager anticipation for ESPN to unanimously pick the 49ers and for Kingsbury, McCoy and the Cardinals to relish the underdog role and make this an absolute thriller!

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