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Hunter Dickinson Is Addicted To Predicting Scores Against His Upcoming Opponents

Last episode we got Hunter to predict the score before he played Arizona State. Fast forward to after the game, Michigan lost by 25 and the internet lit up Hunter. This is why this podcast has potential to be good because he is going to face the music after good games and bad games. He tells you how the locker room is after a team is in disarray and how Juwan Howard handles the team. I also love that some of the players were direct messaging Hunter after the game with the clip of him saying they were going to win by 20. This is what college basketball should be all about let these players talk some shit and see what happens on the court. 

The last episode we had Geno Auriemma on and he made a ton of great points. He has 11 national championships and we asked him, what would 12 do for you. Winning another championship isn't going to change his life he just wants to help kids get to the next level  Hearing coaches' side of things with how to deal with these kids and NIL deals is so fascinating to me. A lot of them don't care what the coach has to say about the team but all they care about is how much money they can make at that school. He gives great answers on that and I just love doing this podcast so please listen and subscribe.