FIFA Continues To Run A Stellar World Cup - Reportedly Demands Belgium To Get Rid Of The Word 'Love' Stitched On Their Jerseys

You know I'm starting to almost, ALMOST, respect FIFA. Not because they are smart but because they dig their own head into the sand so bad it's hilarious. With every problem this tournament has had for 12 years now, this is the hill they are dying on. You want the word love on the inside of your jersey? Fuck outta here, Belgium. The only shocking part here is FIFA isn't demanding a payment from Belgium to let them just have it. 

[Source] - Back in June, Belgium announced a collaboration with Tomorrowland, the famous electronic dance music festival held in Boom, Flanders, since 2005 and considered as the biggest festival in the world.

The Belgians wanted to make a love shirt, so they added the word "love" on the collar of their away shirt.

Belgium had planned to wear their shirts during this tournament. If they agree with FIFA's demands, they will need new shirts made and sent to Qatar from Adidas, their kit manufacturer.

This isn't some sort of political statement. This isn't something even anti-Qatar. It's just the word love tied to a festival. FIFA is allowing Qatar to fuck over their beer sponsorship but apparently this is what crosses the line? Hilarious. They are the NCAA-level when it comes to keeping us safe. Can't imagine the horror of my 3-year old son finding out Belgium has love stitched inside their jersey and asking me if it's okay. 

I hope Belgium tells them to fuck off. What is FIFA going to do? Suspend them? Good luck with that outrage. Hit them with a fine? Big deal. Top notch all around from FIFA. An incredibly smooth tournament two days in. 

I'm honestly wondering what would have to be tweeted out about FIFA for me to go 'no way that's true.' Didn't even blink an eye on this one.