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Quentin Tarantino Reveals He Has Written A TV Show

Tom Segura had Quentin Tarantino on '2 Bears, 1 Cave' today for an AWESOME interview in promotion of Tarantino's new book, 'Cinema Speculation', and Quentin dropped a bomb on Segura about an hour into the show: he's written an eight-episode "limited series" that he plans on directing himself! And it might be his next project!

As a huge Tarantino fan, this is obviously such awesome news to wake up to on a Monday morning. We've been told for years that Tarantino's next film - his tenth film - will be his last, which'll be bittersweet as all hell; but for some stupid reason, I never even thought about the possibility of Tarantino doing television. I just thought we'd get no content from him ever again after that. Imagine a 'Django'-level HBO Sunday night show tho?!

I really wonder what it'll be focused on - my gut says it'll be a bit of a Western after seeing 'Django: Unchained', 'The Hateful Eight', and even parts of 'Once Upon A Time in Hollywood' operate in that realm, but he's also teased having an idea/pitch for a Star Trek project recently....

....so I wouldn't put even a rogue sci-fi show past him! Maybe that got shot down as a movie and he reworked it to be a series!

As long as there's something afoot, he's in. Get it? Cause he likes feet.

Check out the rest of the interview if you're a Tarantino fan, because they get into some really interesting stories along the way including how Bruce Willis was cast in 'Pulp Fiction', how 'Pulp Fiction' even got greenlit in the first place, what made him write certain scenes in 'Inglorious Bastards', and more.