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Mecole Hardman Took A Page Out Of LeBron's Book And Lied On Twitter About Breaking His TV For No Reason At All

During Sunday night's Chiefs-Chargers game, injured Kansas City wide receiver Mecole Hardman live-tweeted all four quarters as he watched along with fans from home. However, Hardman allegedly didn't get to see the end of the game because he threw the remote at his TV during a moment of frustration when the Chargers took the lead late.

Hardman made a big show of the fact he couldn't possibly have any idea what was happening in the game because his TV was now broken.

Hardman very obviously could have just watched or followed the game on the phone he was using to ask for updates on Twitter, but whatever. I guess it was plausible Hardman had actually broken his television — until he broke the cardinal rule of lying.

Never give more information than necessary, especially if that information makes it irrefutable that you're making shit up.

Oh man, Hardman must have really broken his TV! You can see it right there. Nobody could possibly think it wasn't true now.

Damn it, Mecole. You didn't have to post the screen! Nobody cared whether your TV was broken or not. This is an all-time lying spree for absolutely no reason whatsoever. LeBron James would be proud.

Also, there are two more televisions in that picture that he could have used to watch the game! This whole thing is equal parts infuriating and perplexing.

Thoughts and prayers to Mecole. Hopefully he can get a good Black Friday deal on a new television to replace the one that has a YouTube video of a broken screen on it.