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Kentucky Basketball Did The Impossible Tonight. They Died And Broke Me In The Process

This is it. This isn't even anger. This is a broken man typing this. I spent my anger earlier this week: 

In an utterly shocking statement. There was no adapting. Kentucky died. Kentucky died and broke me in the process. A game they needed to win after shitting down their leg before pissing on it and then shitting again against Michigan State. Instead they died. This wasn't Kentucky basketball I watched. This wasn't a team that others used to be scared of and the moment Kentucky went on a run the game was over. Nope. Gonzaga punched us in the face and our guys stood there and dropped to their knees like a fat guy in Rough n Rowdy. 

It was pathetic. It was embarrassing. 

Calipari was very clearly over his head tonight. That's where it starts. The refusal to use ball screens after Michigan State and Texas abused Gonzaga doing the very same thing. Trying to play through the post with Oscar who has no idea how to pass and reset. It's 2022. You might be shocked to learn that and the fact an offense like that simply doesn't work. You know what worked when Kentucky made a run to cut it to 4 in the second half? Running. Letting your best playmaker (Cason Wallace) have the ball in his hands. Making the defense try to make plays instead of just standing there knowing what's coming. All a shocking development, I know.

Everything I've screamed about. Everything I've complained about. That's what's summed up right there by Sam (one of the smartest guys in the basketball world) and two tweets. It's why I'm broken. It's why Kentucky basketball died tonight. I don't care if Gonzaga is good. It's what I watched on TV. It's what I've been watching on TV. I'm aware of the recruiting class coming in next year. Great. It doesn't matter if 1) Cal refuses to use them to their best ability and 2) they don't adjust to the game. Both are true. Both are what's happening with this team. Guys are missing open shots. Guys are being put in shitty situations. Why is Lance Ware playing? Why does Cal refuse to go with Collins at the 5 when Oscar is in foul trouble and just pushing tempo since this is what this team is best at? 

I can't defend this team anymore until they actually prove it. Kentucky basketball as I know it died tonight.