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This Is It. This Is The Perfect College Basketball Play

Oh you thought Kris Jenkins was good? You thought Bryce Drew was sweet? No, no. Throwing a full court heave that thuds off the rim only to lead to a rebound and tie is how you do it. This is perfect college basketball. This is especially true when you remember that Ohio fouled 85 feet away with 2 seconds left to even let Michigan have the lead. I can't stop laughing at the thud the sound makes too. Coaches are going to be in the film room for hours trying to draw this up. Have your best rebounder on the one side only to miss the bunny and have your 2nd best rebounder clean it up. This only happens at this level and why I love this stupid sport so much. Sure, Michigan is up 3 now in overtime with a minute to go but the fact we even got here is perfect.