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TJ Watt And His Cartoonish Interceptions Are Joe Burrow's Kryptonite

I do no understand it at this point. Not even a little bit. TJ Watt is a fucking terrifying catalyst of havoc the likes of which the annals of NFL history have seldom seen, and when he faces Joe Burrow and the Bengals, he has this knack for making damn near impossible interceptions.

For whatever "team of destiny" vibe Cincinnati was giving off in last season's run to the Super Bowl, when it comes to divisional games in 2022, it couldn't be a more polar opposite underpinning at play. The Bengals entered Sunday 0-3 in the AFC North and when you see motherfucking bullshit like this from TJ Watt, you just get the feeling that it ain't their day/time/year.

May I remind you of what happened in Week 1? Not only did Joey B. throw four INTs coming off a burst appendix, but one of those was an absolutely freakish play by Watt before he got injured:

I don't know if I've ever typed the word "uncanny" in a Barstool blog before, but what better time to debut it than now? TJ Watt has an uncanny knack for clogging Joe Burrow's passing lanes and making downright stupid interceptions. I'm so over it already and we've only seen two of 'em.

TJ Watt, I'm invoking Mike McDaniel's plea to Justin Fields when the Bears QB wouldn't cease running all over the Dolphins defense. PLEASE STOP. YOU'RE TAKING YEARS OFF MY LIFE. And Joe Brr's!

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