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The Jets Season Is All Going According To The Coin's Plan

It doesn't matter what happened in the Jets game today. They were going to lose. It's not their fault, it's the coin. The coin knows all and you can't defeat the coin. The coin is 10-0 on picks and has predicted every single game correctly, including today's.

It doesn't matter how conservatively Zach Wilson could play or how amazing the defense played. The coin was going to do whatever it could to make sure the Jets didn't win. That is why there was a last-second punt return to win; it had nothing to do with anything. The Jets played the perfect game defensively and Zach Wilson didn't turn the ball over, no matter how hard he tried. 

I mean, this is what we gotta do. Wilson didn't contribute anything to the game today, but that's ok. No negatives, no positives, just a whole lotta nothing. The moment was too big for him and you could tell he was hesitant to let it rip. If this was a game vs. anybody except the only team Jets fans want to beat, then he may have been mentally not playing with the whole "Can't throw a pick, can't throw a pick" mentality. 

It is more worthwhile to let him remain the starter till the end of the season and then reevaluate free agents and even pick up a Rodgers, Garropolo or even a Heinicke that could win football games. Looking forward to the upcoming 5-game winning streak during Weeks 13-17 where we hopefully see Zach Wilson become the franchise quarterback we want him to be. No point looking for someone else. 

Also it has to be said that the Jets' defense is just so good. 

We also win the game if they don’t call this back.