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The Jets Completed 9 Passes And Punted 10 Times, But Accountable Franchise QB Zach Wilson Says His Offense Didn't Let The Defense Down

The Jets lost 10-3 to the Patriots on Sunday in one of the ugliest football games you'll ever see. Yes, conditions were blustery and consisted of difficult winds, but Zach Wilson's counterpart/lower status draft classmate Mac Jones managed to complete 23 of 27 passes for 246 yards against an excellent Gang Green defense. Meanwhile...well you can see Wilson's numbers above and in the headline in part.

Imagine playing as well as the Jets do as a team and realizing you have zero fucking chance because of the guy who's supposed to be the face of your franchise. Wilson does not take after Joe Burrow or any other great young QBs whatsoever and refuses to accept much if any blame for how disgusting New York's offense is. 

Here were just a couple of passes Wilson, the former No. 2 overall draft pick, actually attempted in a real-life NFL game:

AGAIN, I understand it was a rough day out there with the wind and shit...but on that sailed pass over the middle, it was Example 34,306 of Wilson having poor mechanics, bad feet in the pocket, and letting his golden arm do the work instead of showcasing any sort of sound fundamental foundation. The result is Devin McCourty dropping one of the easiest would-be interceptions of his career.

Then yeah...that quick screen to Braxton Berrios? WOOF. Wasn't the first time in this latest outing that Wilson sailed the ball in the same situation. Wilson tends to drift away and attempt these fadeaway throws, often at too great of a velocity so as to make it damn near uncatchable for his wide receivers. Bro, just set your feet, get pointed to your target and finesse it in there. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the ball hit the ground on these layup, gimme completions. No one in recent memory comes close to doing it at the frequency Wilson does it. Wildly frustrating to watch for anyone who loves good quarterback play, because Wilson has insane arm talent. He just can't put it all together.

Although the Pats basically needed a walk-off punt return touchdown just to emerge victorious, they missed two field goals earlier on and even if the Jets found a way to win, Wilson would still not escape deserved, harsh criticism. Problem is, he ain't cut out to take it right now. In straight denial about how piss-poor of a professional quarterback he is. You literally do hate to see it.

Seriously did anyone think Wilson was gonna lead a game-winning drive against Bill Belichick? How many times has The Hoodie FEASTED on first- and second-year QBs? Seen this movie a thousand times. Belichick seems to be embedded rent-free in Wilson's skull and is creating a cacophony of confusion between the 23-year-old's ears. Painful to watch even for casual outside observers.

My heart hurts for Jets fans. They're still 6-4 and in the thick of the playoff hunt, yet they've tumbled to last in the competitive AFC East. So maybe Wilson is correct in stating the offense didn't let the defense down. Perhaps it went unsaid and what he meant to say was, it was 100% his poor performance that let the defense down. Not the other 10 guys on his unit.

Then again, I'm not holding my breath waiting for Wilson to wise up and fall on the sword. Not saying that people can't evolve and mature, but it's clear Wilson has a long way to go before his sexy-sounding "WHITE EIGHTEEEEEEEEN!" cadence is eclipsed as easily the best and most entertaining part of his entire NFL career. I wonder if that's how the ex-BYU Cougar recruits the Cougars. Good on him if so. Sadly that doesn't help on game days.

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