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British Lads Drop An Incredible Interview About Partying At The Sheikh's Son's House Because They Were On 'A Hunt For Beers' In Qatar

I've been on the Internet for far too long to not do my research. I was skeptical. I mean, this sounds made up to the highest degree. That is UNTIL this is in the replies: 

That's all the proof I need here. The blokes were on a hunt for beer and ended up partying at the house of one of the sheikh's sons. Just an incredible interview start to finish. It's a scene out of The Hangover except they were invited. It's a smart move if you think about it. We know all about the beers being limited. We know all about the ridiculous laws. So you buddy up with the big man's son and you can't get in trouble. It's a smart move if you're there for a couple weeks trying to watch your guys play soccer.

Also love how this guy only rocks Everton/England shirts. Just letting everyone know what he's about at all times of the day. I assume he has that multiples of that shirt in both blue and white. Just to be safe, you know. There's nothing like being on a hunt for beers. We've all been there at some point in our lives. Sometimes it's in college when you're just trying to scrape together enough beers. Maybe it's when you're in a different city with a couple hours to kill and just looking for the right bar. 

For these lads it was in Qatar where there is a minimal amount of beer. Just getting into a car like that is a risky move but this one paid off. Partying with lions and sheikh's son. Incredible interview all the way around. 

Yes, I'm still skeptical though. Feels like actors or something. There's video proof, but this is the Internet.