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Future MVP Jalen Hurts Loves To Get Freaky, Puts The Eagles On His Back

The Eagles looked resembled a heaping pile of dog shit for approximately 116 out of the past 120 minutes of football. They were a disaster offensively and defensively against Washington on Monday night. Today in Indianapolis they actually looked pretty solid defensively outside of that first drive. But offensively they just couldn't get a goddamn thing going. Constant penalties. Bizarre play calling on 3rd downs. And even when it seemed like the Colts were doing everything in their power to give the game away to the Eagles, they'd hand it right back with a brutal fumble from AJ Brown. Everything looked like it was lining up to be another demoralizing loss for this Eagles team who spent the first half of the season shit pumping everybody. 

But Jalen Hurts is a winner, and at the end of the day, winners win. No matter what. They get the job done anyway they can. Even if they have to do the whole damn thing themselves. And that's exactly what Jalen Hurts did during that 4th quarter today in Indy. 

He tried to make it easier on everybody. It didn't necessarily have to come with just over 80 seconds left in the game. But Jalen Hurts wasn't going to lose that game. So he put the team on his back, and got a little freaky out there. 

A win against the Colts isn't anything to celebrate. But the way they did it? Or more so the way that Jalen Hurts did it? That was a franchise QB 4th quarter out of Jalen Hurts. They needed a leader to step up and make something happen. They needed someone to say that enough is enough, and that it's time to get this shit train back on the tracks. If the Eagles end up with home field advantage throughout the playoffs, that 4th quarter from Jalen is exactly why. He should have a new contract before the plane even touches back down in Philly tonight.