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After Watching The Colts Lose A Heartbreaker To The Eagles, How Many Wins Does Jeff Saturday Need To Get The Permanent Head Coaching Job?

I was so excited to write a "We beat the best team in the NFL/Jeff Saturday is 2-0/coaching football isn't that hard" blog. It would have been so much fun. I was going to do a Jeff Saturday chant. I was going to do a Jim Irsay chant. Then I was going to use a Matt Ryan chant to try and hawk these Matty Ice shirts that we have available in the Barstool Sports Store.

I was told that if I sell enough Matty Ice t-shirts, then they would consider putting my NEIGH shirt on sale.

If I can somehow get a NEIGH shirt on sale in the Barstool Store, then my NEIGH bit will be complete. 

We were so close to winning that game, too. If only checks notes Chase McLaughlin would have made his kicks. If only the Colts could have scored a touchdown to make it a 2 score game when we had 1st & Goal from inside the 10. If just one player would have stepped up one time, then Jeff Saturday would still be the best coach in NFL history (statistically). 

I knew we were in trouble after we settled for the 4th quarter field goal, and gave the ball back to Eagles in a 6 point game. There was no way that 16 total points was going to win that game. There was a brief second there where I thought the Eagles might blow it, when they gave the ball to Boston Scott 3 times in a row, then lined up in the victory formation on 4th & 2 for some reason (seriously what the fuck was that about?). But despite the Eagles coaches doing everything they could on that last drive to blow the game, Jalen Hurts was too good. Jalen Hurts' good outweighed his coach's bad. Colts lose.

I suppose there are some positives to take away from the game. Our defense looked pretty good, and Jeff Saturday used his timeouts appropriately (using your timeouts correctly is like 50% of being a good coach). The Jeff Saturday dream isn't quite dead yet. It's still very much alive actually. He's 1-1, with his only loss being to the "best team" in the NFL. But things are about to get tough. We're about to find out what Jeff Saturday is truly made of. Next Sunday against the Steelers is a must win, because following that game, the Colts play the Cowboys, Vikings, Chargers, Giants, and Texans.

Assuming that Jeff Saturday wants to continue coaching the Colts. How many wins does he need? If he finishes the season at .500, does that get him the head coaching job? I don't know what the right answer is. I don't know if I should be cheering for that or not. I would love to know where Irsay's head is at. Does he truly want Jeff Saturday to be a long term solution? I kind of think he does. I think he would love giving a big fuck you to the rest of the NFL by proving that the Colts can win games with Jeff Saturday. He's got 6 more games to prove himself. Gun to my head, if Saturday wins 3 of those, I think Irsay keeps him around for another year. Irsay wants this to happen. He probably wants this to work out more than anyone. He wants to be the smartest guy in the room.


(or maybe this whole thing is some sort of ploy to get Peyton Manning)