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The Giants Just Lost Adoree' Jackson For A Month Because They Wanted One Of Their Most Important Players Returning Punts

What an absolutely gutting injury for the Giants. If only there was another player on the entire roster or all of free agency that could return a punt for 7 yards before the obligatory penalty flags come flying in, or better yet, wave for a fair catch! But no, the Giants put their best corner and easily one of the most important players on the entire team back there on the off chance he could make something happen and now he is out for roughly a month just as every Giants fan feared would happen.

This isn't even revisionist history either. Literally every Giants fan hated this move the moment it was made since there was almost no upside and the downside happened to the Giants best corner years ago.

(Source)- The Giants suffered a devastating blow Thursday night on the opening kickoff of their 27-23, preseason loss to the New York Jets, losing star cornerback Jason Sehorn to a season-ending right knee injury. 

Sehorn, arguably the team's most indispensable player, suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament and a torn medial collateral ligament in the knee. He is due to have an MRI Friday and undergo season-ending surgery sometime next week.

I would say this is all Richie James' fault, but fuck that. A player that probably wouldn't be on the Giants if their old GM didn't have them in salary cap hell may shit down his leg and cost the team a game. But it's up to the front office and coaching staff to find another answer at punt returner that isn't an invaluable member of the team. Why couldn't Joe Schoen just sign the free agent with the highest Speed, Agility, and Acceleration ratings like everyone in Madden franchise mode does? Actually they didn't even have to do that because I would've rather seen Brian Daboll returning punts today instead of Adoree' Jackson.

On the bright side, at least the Giants don't have a huge division game on the road in 4 days as their 2nd best corner didn't just join their best corner on the sidelines along with their safety that hurt himself riding an ATV in Cabo during the bye week.

Credit to me for not throwing in the John Mara chair throwing gif here. That's a sign of growth (and a fan of a team that is 7-2 right now after five years of football hell).