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Warzone 2.0 Looting Is A Nightmare - Change These Settings ASAP For Faster Looting And To Help Win More Games

Warzone 2.0 looting is an absolute disaster. Call of Duty weirdly decided to change one of the best things about OG Warzone and implement a PUBG style of looting. Bizarre change IMO but we gotta learn to play with it. Change the setting above to get back to tap to looting and below I'll include my full Warzone 2.0 settings video to give you guys the best settings possible:

For *better* footstep audio:

General Looting Tips:

Overall, I'm enjoying Warzone 2.0 because it's a breath of fresh air. There's a lot of new mechanisms and additions to get used to in the game. It feels like this game is really tailored towards casual players which is a massive W for most Warzone players. Streamers have mixed reviews as they always do - but only time will really tell how much fun Warzone 2.0 is.

Prox Chat is by far and away the greatest thing added into the BR - the content we're gonna be seeing is nonstop which I love:

I'm loving the Fennec right now as the top dog when it comes to SMGs up close, with the MP5 and MP7 (Lachmann Sub + VEL) being close seconds.

We'll be playing more Warzone throughout the week - checkout my Twitch stream here for live gameplay.