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New Jersey Sportsbooks Are Reportedly No Longer Taking Bets On Fights Involving James Krause

Well this is interesting. 

On one hand, I get that both New Jersey not allowing action on fights that James Krause is involved in AND Krause not being allowed at UFC events is probably just a precaution while the current investigation is ongoing, but on the other hard....THE DRAMA! This is unprecedented stuff! 

If you haven't been following the whole possible gambling scandal in the UFC, I wrote a blog on it here....

....but to make a long story short, it seemed like Darrick Minner (who is coached by James Krause) went into his fight against Shayilan Nuerdanbieke hurt a few weeks ago, and he displayed some very weird behavior in how quickly he tapped to ground-and-pound strikes in the first round of the fight - made even weirder by the amount of bets that poured in for Shayilan via First Round KO in the hours leading up to the event. 

Some sportsbooks in Vegas even stopped taking bets on the fight earlier that day because of how suspicious it looked.

Also, the UFC banned their fighters/coaches from gambling on fights just a few months after Coach James Krause selling his bets on Discord really started taking off, and some have suggested that his success in that department helped force the UFC's hand on shutting down gambling with insider knowledge. I have no idea if that's true, but Krause is certainly under a lot of heat from all sides right now.

I can't wait to see what this investigation brings.