A Security Guard Absolutely LEVELED A Fan That Ran On The Field Of Last Night's USC-UCLA Game

USC-UCLA was everything that's great about college football. Rivalries, uniforms, comebacks, history ,tradition, conference title hopes, etc. You can add a MONSTER security tackle on there because that dude got jacked up.

I think the obvious joke to make here (which hopefully doesn't get called out as something that sets the company back, and was so awful people wanted to puke etc) is that this was the most defense we saw all night. 

The teams combined for 93 points, 1162 total yards and just 1 punt. It was a track meet, which made for a terrific game. But if this guy has any eligibility left, he should get a call because with that form he would get time on both defenses. 

I grade this hit as a solid 8 of 10.