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Perfection: Qatar Gives Up A Goal 3 Minutes Into The World Cup, Somehow, Someway VAR Calls It Off

Just the perfect start to the World Cup. Qatar, who has no right playing in a World Cup let alone hosting one, gives up a goal 3 minutes into the event. Goalie looks like a U-12 dude out there confused as to what's going on. But luckily, somehow, someway VAR came to save them. Offsides? Sure. We'll go with that. Even the announcers are trying to dance around it. 

This was the only correct way for the World Cup to start. Qatar looking like bums, giving up a goal and a VAR decision that makes no sense. Not like this was out there all week

This is what we get for giving Qatar the World Cup. We're going to get dumbass decision making and people running with it. Frankly, good. It's the dumbest World Cup of all time so might as well run with it that way. 

Just to be clear, this is not offsides: 

They are using new VAR technology at this World Cup and we have the announcers going on about how great it is because a leg was offsides that no one saw. Yeah, this is a problem. Perfect start all around. 

Even more shocking is Ecuador getting a PK (and making it) while I blog this.