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If Wrestling Is Fake, Then Explain This

Once again, the haters, of which there are many, can suck it. 

The "wrestling is fake" crowd has always been a bunch of lames. People on the outside of the cool club looking in, talking shit. 

If you grew up without being treated to wrestling on Saturday mornings, or more recently, with the attitude era in full swing, then I legitimately feel bad for you. Young girls growing up had Dawsons Creek and One Tree Hill and all that drama soap-operish stuff to throw themselves into. We had WCW and WWF. Same theatrics and melodrama, but with way cooler and more believable storylines. 


My question is this. The more I see from and hear about AEW the more it reminds me of the golden days of WWF/WWE. Do I need to start watching? Or is it not worth it?

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