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"Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun"

The face of a man loving a cookie!

The face of a man loving a cookie!

These Apple Pie cookies slay. I feel like that Boomer who never grew up and used the words younger people use to stay hip. These Apple Pie cookies that slay are so good they may take the place of your apple pie on Thanksgiving!

Big Cat gave them a low rating. Damnit, man! Give me a break; it's the holidays. That's like your turkey not being fully cooked and realizing it when you carve it right before everyone is ready to eat or getting a speeding ticket the day before Christmas!

The cookies disappeared about 5 minutes after I put them out, so you can go by that rating, too.

Barstool Sports just released its first coffee! Big Cat's Stella Blue coffee. I rated it here!  

"Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun!"  These words are why we love Big Cat!   Then he tried to bribe me, saying if Stella Blue coffee does well, it's better for ALL the employees. I still had to rate it. Maybe he gets credit for not slapping it out of my hand, and maybe he doesn't.  

Here is the recipe and how to make them:

I headed south to co-host a wedding shower and to get ready for Thanksgiving! On my first day home, this is what I did to get ready for Thanksgiving groceries and quickly purge outdated items. Pre-Thanksgiving is a great time to purge your kitchen! Same time every year. What did you do this weekend?