'That's Not The Text She Sent Me': Did Peter Burns Get His Ass Kicked By Benjamin Watson For Talking About His Wife?

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Uhhhh what just happened?

Peter Burns was just making a joke about Benjamin Watson's suit, but some unfortunately vague wording left us with this interaction that I'm pretty sure was a bit, though there's no way we can be positive. Even Peter's tweet afterwards doesn't really clear anything up because Watson still looks pissed.

Even as I've written this and watched it several more times, I think I'm talking myself into it possibly being real. Why would Burns agree to be off-camera and make a big deal out of this? I don't know what to believe.

I think the fact the joke seems pretty easily explained makes my final verdict that this is, in fact, a bit. But credit to Benjamin Watson's acting if it is fake, because you wouldn't know it based on him.

It seems like Peter is just due for one of these unfortunate mishaps per year.

At least this year's is in the past now.