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Purdue's Jalen Graham Had A Pick Six Called Back For Taunting After He Started High Stepping At The 35 Yard Line, Proving It Never Pays To Be A Hot Dog

I have always been an advocate for sportsmanship and I was proven right yet again here. Be humble not a hot dog. Purdue's Jalen Graham just learned that the hard way as he decided to put himself above his teammates by being a show off and it cost them a touchdown. 

When will these kids learn? When will these coaches discipline these kids? You know what the worst part of this is? Green was likely in the next play. You cannot act like a hot dog and have no repercussions. It sends a horrible message. Shameful by Purdue and it's staff. There's kids watching!

And shame on ESPN and other networks who will likely show this on their highlights and glorify this kid's awful display of sportsmanship. 

If you are going to high step, leave it to the professionals like Coach Prime.