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Texas A&M's Second Half Crowd Is SHOCKING

Oh my.

With Texas A&M (-32.5) leading UMass 10-3 at halftime, the Aggie fans who showed up in the first place have seen enough. There are some fans huddled under the overhang at the top of the upper deck to dodge the rain, but I can't imagine there are even 5,000 people left to watch the second half of this game. That's as bad of a crowd as I've ever seen at an SEC stadium, including Vanderbilt.

As much as it would cost for A&M to fire Jimbo Fisher, it might be even more costly to keep him. The apathy those fans would have going into 2023 with Fisher at the helm would be unprecedented. Every game next season might look like that video.

If the Minutemen find a way to score a touchdown or two in the second half, there might not even be a decision left to make. Things have gotten ugly in College Station.