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You Love To See It: Bills Fans Are Plowing Players' Driveways So That They Can Make Their Flight To Detroit

Bless the folks who live in Western New York. They're uniquely equipped to endure extreme weather and blizzards, and they won't let four consecutive Super Bowl losses or years of ensuing disappointment dampen their passion for the Buffalo Bills.

That unwavering loyalty has been worthwhile, because now the Bills are legit contenders and have one of the freakiest quarterbacks the world's ever seen in Josh Allen. Being a fan is one thing, but what these good samaritans are doing in this situation goes above and beyond.

Buffalo's players need all the help they can get! Just look at what left tackle Dion Dawkins is dealing with, for example:

This almost feels like a different planet. Just as I'm stunned by the beauty of nature and some of the actual places that exist in this world, I'm baffled that THIS much precipitation can crash down on one single region. Mother Nature is going HAM and it's merely the latest reminder that we're all powerless against her. SHE'S HER! I think that's more fitting than the overused "HE'S HIM!" catchphrase that's capturing the zeitgeist.

Seriously, considering how much snowfall the Buffalo area received, it seems the NFL made the right (if less-fun) decision to move Sunday's Browns-Bills matchup to Ford Field in the Motor City.

Assuming the Bills do, in fact, make the trip successfully — safe travels! — they actually got a big break with the way this schedule worked out. They're already due to face the Lions on Thanksgiving. No quick turnaround and hasty road trip around the holiday. Squaring off with the Browns in a dome plays into their favor, too. While Cleveland could still be frisky, I liked the Browns' chances much more in inclement weather. Their advantage of a superior Nick Chubb-led rushing attack is diminished by playing indoors.

I'm sure the local Bills faithful are bummed about missing out on a home game. However, ensuring that their team can make that scheduled flight to Detroit has to be the next-best thing. To contribute in that meaningful of a way when time is of the essence and you have so little time to get to the physical location of a Sunday kickoff is nothing short of amazing.

The City of Good Neighbors, indeed.

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