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Dwight Howard Did His Best Wilt Chamberlain Impression In His Outrageous Debut In Taiwan

I was not able to see Wilt Chamberlain live with my own eyes, but I have to imagine it looked something like this. Remember, not a single NBA team was interested in signing Dwight Howard. Every one of them had the chance, and they all passed. As a result, he headed to Taiwan as you just watched, is completely dominating. It just goes to show you how ridiculous the talent is at the NBA level. This dude couldn't get an end of the bench spot on any team in the league, and the next thing we see he's putting up 38/25/9/4. I watched Dwight Howard initiate P&R in that clip! Is he really a guard? Has Dwight's HOF career as a center actually held him back? 

That's what I love about these leagues, NBA players show up and do whatever the hell they want. How could we forget Tacko and what he's doing in China

Now we have Dwight looking like a Wilt/LeBron hybrid. A few more performances like this and I can't see how an NBA team doesn't take the bait. Especially because Dwight has already accepted that he's a bench/back up big at this point. There's clearly still talent there, he's not going to be asked to initiate offense at the NBA level, and he can obviously still rebound and catch lobs. 

But you know what? Dwight has already made a shit ton of money in the NBA. He's already a HOF player (this is not a debate). Wouldn't it be fun to stay in Taiwan and be able to play like this? I'm not sure what I would pick. Ride the bench for the vet minimum and maybe never really play, or become a God in Taiwan by playing however you want. I can see the appeal of both sides. There's probably nothing better than being in the NBA on any level, even if you never play. At the same time, you play like Dwight did in his debut, they'll build you a statue. That's a tough call.